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Luke Hostrawser

Luke Hostrawser

Yoga Instructor

Luke Hostrawser

Luke has always yearned for seeking the important moments in life. Growing up on a dairy farm in Caledon, he had the fortunate experience of caring for a wide range of animals, exploring through acres of forests and developing a taste for adventure. From his childhood, he knew the corporate life would never suit him. Instead, he turned outward and embarked on a journey of self discovery.

Throughout the past ten years he has travelled the globe, transitioning through varying careers and
acquiring an abundance of hobbies. Searching to discover a lifestyle that brings happiness, purpose and
balance has always been his motivation.

One day along his journey he had befriended some fellow
travellers who convinced him to complete a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. Even though Luke
had been actively engaged in yoga for more than 4 years prior, he hadn’t seriously considered teaching.
Yet a week later he made the trip from Cambodia to Thailand to meet up with his friends and enroll. Little
did he know that this was the start of a new chapter.

Luke has always considered yoga to be an art. “Such as dance, music, and painting, yoga allows one to
dive into themselves and illuminate creativity. At its core it allows us to sink into the innermost
unchanging essence that dwells in our hearts. It is here we find what matters most and what brings us
everlasting happiness.” He believes this unchanging essence to be the balance within ourselves. To seek
this everlasting happiness has allowed him to find purpose within his life. “For to exist is the involuntary
motive to have purpose. It is within this purpose that the mind seeks reason, and the heart seeks dreams –
a balance of desires that drive one’s passion, one’s affection, and one’s devotion.”

These are the principals that Luke has developed through his journey of self discovery. Feeling more
reinvigorated then ever, Luke believes he is finally on the right path. Now he is thrilled to be joining you
on your unique journey of body and mind, and to aid you in your search for internal happiness.

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