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Lindsay Egan

Lindsay Egan

Yoga Instructor

Lindsay Egan

Lindsay Egan began practicing yoga in 2007 and became a Certified Instructor in 2016. When she initially came to her mat, she saw yoga as a means of exercise and a way of releasing tension and stress. Now, her practice has evolved into a mind-body connection where she creates a sense of calm through her breath. A much needed practice of self-care that helps her recharge so she can be fully present as a working mom of two young boys.

Through her training, Lindsay is equipped with a wealth of anatomical knowledge and a fundamental understanding of yoga which helps to her design classes that integrate current movement practices in a healthy way. With a focus on spinal hygiene, she works to build stability and strength through functional movements that are driven by breath.

In each yoga class, Lindsay encourages her students to listen to and trust how capable their bodies are by incorporating steadiness and ease (sthira and sukha) when building strength. It is her hope that each student leaves their mat with a sense of calmness and strength, of ease and lightness and that this sensation carries into their lives off of the mat. She is delighted to share her passion for yoga with her students.

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