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Cultivate your spirit. Grow and nurture your body and mind.

Nestled within Elmira and surrounded by the beauty and greenery of nature, cheerfully singing birds, soothing and warm airy studio, our center sets the stage for a yoga and meditation experience like no other.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’re greeted with warmth that puts your body and mind at ease.

But we’re much more than a beautiful space surrounded by the glow of nature. We take healing, health and wellness seriously because we know the transformation regular practice can bring to body and mind, and we’re passionate about sharing that with you.

Our boutique healing center provides small-class trainings with expert instruction and modifications that ensure you have a more personalized experience. This means you have a personal coach throughout practice and you’re able to learn the right techniques to more effectively reach your goals and in most cases, grow your practice far beyond.

Our one-of-a-kind setting offers an unparalleled experience into healing, health, and wellness. No matter the practice, you’ll walk away feeling more peaceful and connected to body and mind.

Unlimited yoga and meditation for one week for $49.99

Choose Your Yoga Practice

We understand everyone’s at a different stage on their yoga and meditation journey, and that everyone’s looking to reach different goals.

From restorative and meditative practices that allow you to bliss-out and completely unwind, to foundation and functional practices that help you to understand poses and build strength and stamina so you can practice more confidently, to deep tissue classes that work to maximize flexibility, to high-intensity power practices that push you beyond and break a sweat.

Wherever you are on your journey, you’ll be sure to find a practice that meets you where you’re at.

If you’re just starting out or have some previous experience and want to learn foundations, breath work, how to flow and work on your downward dog, these classes are for you. They’re low intensity and will gently build strength, melt stress and tension and have you saying “ahhhhhh” at the end of the practice.

Breathe, Align and Explore This class is available to all students who are seeking to learn the basics regardless of age, experience or ability. It is also appropriate for any students who wish to refresh or deepen their understanding of the fundamentals. Learn the basics while staying safe as we gently ease into movement, balance & stretch.

Mindful Slow Flow An all-levels meditaiton and gentle flow class focused on linking asana and pranayama (posture with breath) through seamless gentle movement with opportunities throughout the practice to slow down and recharge. With the goal to enter a state of moving meditation by challenging yet relaxing the body and the mind. Together exploring pranayama, soft sun salutations, asanas and guided meditations to achieve releasing tension both on and off the mat. This practice will leave you feeling nourished and balanced. Modifications will be provided to suit all levels of experience.

Grounded Lunch Flow – Tune out the noise, and tune in to peace and mindfulness in our more meditative slow flowing practices that will leave you feeling grounded and relaxed. This hatha-based slow movement experience helps reduce fatigue, nourish your body, and improve your energy. Slow, mindful yoga trains your nervous system to build resilience, adapt to stressors, develop greater patience, and improve overall health and well-being. And in a society that mostly views time as money, slow is a luxury! Suitable for yogis beginning their journey, or experienced yogis needing to slow down. 

If you’re ready to take your new found flow and downward dog expertise to the next level, these classes are for you! Explore a wider variety of poses and styles and begin to master connection of breath and movement. Explore and grow with these everyday Namaste classes that work the muscles and will have you starting to break a light sweat.

Mindful and Strong Move through this flow class as you build core strength, improve joint and spinal health while building resiliency as you find a sense of strength and ease in your body. Feel recharged and energized – ready to face the rest of your day!

Stretch and Surrender This Yin yoga class embodies classic Hatha poses with ancient Chinese wisdom. be prepared to work through several layers of the body like connective tissues, joints and bones. Poses are held from five to ten minutes and work to stress the body so that it can then rest and repair, and ultimately grow stronger. Your body become more open and mobility greatly increases. With a steady practice and correct alignment, you’ll be able to take your yoga to the next level. 

Note: This class should be avoided if you are pregnant, have herniated discs or if you have a muscle or tendon tear.

Flow and Muscle Melt Flow your way through this intermediate moderately paced sequence while melting muscle tension throughout the body. We’ll focus on moving functionally to bring increased mobility and strength to the body’s joints and muscles, keeping them healthy and strong. Therapy balls are incorporated (within) each practice to target specific muscle tension and pain to provide greater comfort and ease of movement. Melt your muscle tension with this mid-week practice and leave feeling reset and ready to face the rest of the week.

Vinyasa Flow Vinyasa yoga, often described as a moving meditation, is a dynamic breath-focused practice that utilizes sun salutations to link sequenced poses into a continuously flowing organic whole. Throughout our practice we will find clarity and focus, build inner heat, and develop strength and flexibility in equal proportion. The result is improved balance, resilience and endurance. Classes will encourage exploration and understanding of ones own body. Breath, alignment, appropriate personal modifications and the use of props are stressed at every level of practice.

Strength and Stability Flow This practice is jam packed from start to finish to maximize your time and balance the body. We begin with a warm up of the body and quickly move into our HIIT flow to stretch the muscles and get a sweat to boost endorphins and energize the body. We strengthen and stabilize the body as we explore various modalities such as specific body weight stabilizing techniques, resistance bands, and FRC (functional range conditioning),  Lastly, we massage out any residual tension, wash away toxins, and nourish the muscles with an influx of circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients, leaving us feeling balanced and strong. If you are someone who loves to learn the details and more of the mechanics of the body while finding a balanced approach that can boost your practice and ultimately give you an edge on your every-day routine, THIS practice is for you!

You’ve mastered downward dog and chatarunga and you’re ready to power up, break a sweat, and deepen your practice. These practices build strength, stamina, and give you the greatest growth in mobility and flexibility while detoxing the body head-to-toe. Bring a towel, and get ready to push your practice to new heights!

Power Flow This 60 minute power yoga class aims to give you a full-body workout by pushing you to find greater strength, flexibility, and stamina. You will find that you are more alert, relaxed, and ready to take on the day.

Yin Yang Need to find some balance? Find it in our Yin Yang class! Maximize your strength and flexibility – the best of both worlds! We begin the first half of the class by warming the body with active poses that will strengthen and stretch your muscles. The last half of the class focuses on passive yin poses that open up those hips and back for increased mobility – all while listening to some relaxing music. The last five minutes we end with a deep meditation for maximum relaxation. Some yin poses are held for up to three minutes – trust us, your hips and back will thank-you! This class is great for those new to yoga, and perfect for those that have significant tightness in their hips and back and are looking for relief.

Detox Flow This Hatha style yoga flow consists of many forward folds, deeper shoulder and arm openers, deeper back bends and hip openers. Head-to-toe, every part of the body is incorporated to detox the entire body including organs and work on fascia tissue. The pace is focused and flowing to purify the body and mind. You’ll be sure to end the class feeling more open, flexible and lighter.

Specialty Yoga

Healthy Tweens This class is offered to children around the ages of 8 and 12. This program provides an opportunity for children to explore their inner self through physical activity and movement skills. The students’ interests and abilities will develop through forms of fitness such as stretching, creative movement, team building games and dry land training exercises. This program also introduces various forms of relaxation with breath. The students will learn about their young bodies through an enjoyment of fun fitness to a path of well being.

Not Sure What to Expect? Check our FAQs


What can I expect for my first class? Arrive about 15 minutes early so that the instructor is able to on-board you without delay and give you guidance on what to expect for the class.

What do I wear to class? Wear comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move freely or relax comfortably. Avoid jeans and anything that restrict movement and flow.

What do I bring to class? Just bring yourself! We’re a full-service studio which means we have everything you need for an enjoyable class. This includes: blocks, mats, cushions, bolsters, eye pillows, blankets, meditation chairs, and straps. If you have a favourite mat, you’re welcome to bring to class.

What if this is my first yoga class? No problem. When you contact us we will walk you through the schedule and ensure you feel confident and ready with a class that meets your needs.

What if I have an injury? Please ensure that you contact us ahead of time so that we can guide you to the appropriate class and ensure we can make it a great experience.


Letters From Clients

Learn what others are saying about classes at Bethany Lee Yoga & Wellness

I've had such an amazing experience with both the yoga classes as well as the mindful meditation. The environment is very inviting, calming and tranquil and the staff and instructors are incredibly helpful and friendly and really take the time to help each individual throughout the class.

A shout out to Bethany Russell who taught the latest meditation series - it was amazing! By far, one of the best, if not THE BEST, yoga experiences I've personally had over the last 18 years of practicing.

Kirsten Carney
Kirsten CarneyOntario, Canada

What a beautiful atmosphere for your practice...I only wish I could be there every day!!!! Love the studio and the instructors who take the time to guide through the most lovely classes!

Sarah Hume
Sarah HumeOntario, Canada

Bethany has an amazing ability to meet you wherever you are at. I am always struck by how well she is able to both challenge and comfort me in my yoga practice. Her passion, knowledge, and kindness shine through her teaching.

She guides you to find your alignment in poses, breath and meditation. After every class with Bethany I am refreshed and walk out feeling better than I did walking in!

KatieOntario, Canada

Zen is how I feel after a class with Bethany. She is great at setting goals with you and making sure you have proper alignment. Her combo of meditation, massage, and yoga make her classes unique. Candle lit restorative yin yoga is my favourite thing to do to unwind after a stressful week.

Also her all natural skin products helped me with my skin issues I have been dealing with for years that medicated creams and medications couldn't heal 🙂

JackieOntario, Canada

Bethany's knowledge in yoga is unparalleled. Her classes are filled with excellent instruction, adjustments and encouragement.

Bethany has a gift of making everyone welcome to the studio regardless of what your experience and abilities are -- no judgment here.  I appreciate her guidance in my yoga journey. Oh...and her music, love it!!"

CindyOntario, Canada

If I could describe Bethany's yoga classes in one word, it would be ...Bliss!
I have had the privilege of attending Bethany's classes for over a year and I have learned so much, not only in my own yoga practice, but also how our body, mind and spirit are so interconnected. Bethany really takes the time to ensure proper alignment within poses and suggests a variety of modifications if needed. She enjoys getting to know her students and is always mindful of their comfort levels. Through her encouraging, peaceful and inspiring classes, I always leave feeling more relaxed, grounded and blissful!
I'm looking forward to another year of learning with Bethany, and improving my overall health and well-being with her wonderful guidance!

CatherineOntario, Canada

Bethany's natural talent to teach is always combined with her unconditional encouragement and radiant kindness.
Her classes are informative and uplifting, no matter the style of yoga you're in need of. Bethany's passion for inner and outer well-being is demonstrated in every class, as is her friendliness! I leave every time feeling restored and revitalized, thanks to her soothing meditations!

JuliaOntario, Canada

Whether a Yin class or a Power Flow I absolutely love Bethany’s yoga classes. She has a natural gentleness about her and it translates well into her teaching and leading of poses.  

She has orchestrated the perfect amount of instruction for a memorable class. Her knowledge of the body coupled with her natural ability to lead is appreciated. I honour her and her teaching

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